Crafting 3D scanning solutions with exceptional quality and value for our customers

What Really Matters


We believe user experience is a key differentiator in what makes a 3D scanner a great one. That’s why the HDI 3D scanning systems come with proprietary software, FlexScan3D, to capture amazing quality scan data while making the scanning process simple. We focus on what really matters so you can get the most out of your scanning experience.


We’ll help you improve the efficiency of your operations and bring innovation to your industry without spending too much. Our philosophy has always been to deliver 3D scanning solutions that give the most value without a large investment.


Our customers are power users of our 3D scanning systems. We learn a lot from them and they play an important part in our development process. We talk to them regularly to understand what it is they really need. We listen to their feedback to build better solutions that solve real business challenges.

It’s All in the Details

Our research and development team dedicate countless hours into designing a 3D scanning solution that is flexible for use in different industry applications. Each component of the scanner is carefully inspected by our 3D scanning specialist to ensure you get optimal 3D scanning results.

Our Experience

We’ve been supplying companies, organizations, academic institutions with 3D scanning technologies for more than 20 years. Our specialties include reverse engineering, quality inspection, 3D visualization, and metrology.

In the News

Metron3D Introduces the Metron E: Affordable 3D Scanner Delivering Professional Results

Metron E is a practical solution for designers, engineers, educators, and researchers who have modest budgets but still need high quality scan results, in terms of accuracy, resolution, and repeatability.

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