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Powerful System

The HDI Compact series of 3D scanners produce high quality 3D scans within minutes of set up.

HDI Compact C506 with Rotary

Everything You Need to Automate 3D Scanning

The HDI Compact 3D scanning system eliminates the tedious work involved with manually scanning an object. Save time and get stunning results everytime.

The HDI Compact is an automated 3D scanning solution. The rotary table automatically spins the object and stops at predetermined intervals. The scan head captures high resolution, accurate 3D scans of an object each time. Once the object spins a full 360 degrees, all the scans are then automatically cleaned up and merged together to create a full digital 3D model.

Benefits to Automation

  • Time Saver

    A Time Saver

    It only takes a fraction of the time to have the finished output than if you did it manually.

  • It's Easy

    Simplifies 3D Scanning

    Click a few buttons and the steps are automated. It makes the scanner easy to operate, even for novices.

  • Save Money

    Save Money

    You can work on other important tasks or you don’t need allocate as much human resources to operate the system.

HDI Compact captures amazing high-quality 3D scans at sub-thousandth of an inch accuracy.

Included Hardware

  1. Scan Head collects information from the real world object by taking images. 3D scanning software, FlexScan3D, calculates the object’s depth and surface information in order to generate a digital representation in 3D on the computer.
  2. Scanner Mount determines how far to scan an object every time. There’s no guesswork involved.
  3. Rotary Table automatically spins the scan object in 360 degrees so you don’t have to do it by hand.

Powered By FlexScan3D Software

HDI Compact 3D scanner includes a copy of the powerful 3D scanning engine that is the brains behind the fast scan data capture and advanced post-processing capabilities (cleanup, aligning and merging 3D scans, and measurement analysis).

Stunning Scan Data Quality

Ready to Start Scanning in Minutes

  • Connect


    Plug the 3D scanning system into an electrical outlet.

  • Software

    Install Software

    Install FlexScan3D scanning software on your computer.

  • Scan


    Capture and clean up 3D scans within minutes of setup.


(Per Scan)
Model Type
Scan Speed
Average Data Points
Average Polygons
Field of View
Best Value
General Scanning
300 millisecond
1.97 million
87 x 68 – 88 x 87
Up to 34µm
Double the quality of C109
250 millisecond
2 million
4 million
71 x 98 – 100 x 154
Up to 35µm
Macro Scanner
Scan Small Objects
333 millisecond
5 million
10 million
27 x 45 – 30 x 45
Up to 12µm

Built to Last

  • IP67 Rated
    IP67 Rated
  • Solid Aluminum Body
    Solid Aluminum Body
  • Dust Proof
    Dust Proof
  • Water Resistant
    Water Resistant
HDI Compact scan head is manufactured in Canada.
Other hardware components are designed and assembled in the USA.
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