Metron E 3D Scanner

Professional desktop 3D scanner for generating digital 3D models from physical objects at an affordable price.

HDI E 3D Scanner

Meet Metron E 3D Scanner

Metron E 3D scanner is the perfect solution if you are looking for a practical desktop 3D scanner. It’s effective at getting the job done to make you more productive.

The best part: It’s affordable for a professional system that delivers on high quality results, in terms of resolution and accuracy.

Easy Efficient Economical
Working with E 3D Scanner

1. Easy

Simple to setup and use.

The Metron E system is designed to make 3D scanning an intuitive process. The scanner is easy to operate, even for novices.

The system is already pre-calibrated for accuracy the moment you get the scanner. Simply plug in the system and install the 3D scanning software, FlexScan3D, on your computer.

You’re now ready to start 3D scanning.


2. Efficient

Get quality results fast.

3D scanning is typically the first part of the project for data collection for different industry applications. The Metron E 3D scanner is effective at capturing high quality 3D scans in approximately 1 second per scan.

Finish your projects faster by spending less time scanning to move on to other aspects of your project.

Price Chart

3. Economical

Great quality for the price.

Looking for a 3D scanner that produces much better scan data quality than a consumer-based 3D scanner, but don’t need extremely high accuracy and resolution of a high-end professional system?

Metron E 3D scanner is a great investment if you have a modest budget or don’t require extremely high accuracy results for your commercial applications.

Two models to choose from, see how truly affordable Metron E 3D Scanner is for the quality.

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FlexScan3D Experience

FlexScan3D is one of the most user-friendly 3D scanning software you will find on the market. Much of the 3D scanning workflow is streamlined and automated so you can capture stunning 3D scans to create full digital 3D models in the quickest amount of time.

Clean Raw Data

Capturing the best quality 3D scans at the data acquisition stage reduces the time required for post-processing.

Advanced Post-Processing

Cleanup, align and merge 3D scans into a full digital representation of the physical object all in FlexScan3D.

Export for Use

Export the scan data to common file formats for use in applications including reverse engineering or computer-aided inspection software.

See Metron E In Action

Quality Scan Data


  • Accuracy
    Pre-calibrated for Accuracy

    Save time and eliminate headaches. The system is already calibrated for optimal accuracy so you don’t need to do it yourself.

  • Carbon Fiber Body
    Carbon Fiber Mount

    The mounting system is built using carbon fiber. It provides extra stability and reduced vibration for better scanning results.

  • Dual Camera System
    Duo Camera System

    The Metron E 3D scanner’s two camera design delivers more reliable and accurate scans compared to a single camera system.

  • Designed and Assembled in USA
    Designed and Assembled in the USA

    The Metron E capturing unit is designed and assembled in the USA. FlexScan3D 3D scanning software is developed in Canada.

Capture in True Color Likeness

In addition to capturing monochrome 3D scans, the Metron E 3D Scanner can capture an object in 3D in full color. Color scans are especially valuable in 3D visualization applications such as in archaelogy, paleontology, ecommerce, and gaming and visual effects.

Technical Specifications

(Per Scan)
Model Type
Scan Speed
Average Data Points
Average Polygons
Field of View (Diagonal)
1.3 seconds
1.1 million
2.2 million
Up to 60 µm
1.2 seconds
4.9 million
10.1 million
Up to 25 µm
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