Why Use 3D Smart Sensors for Quality Control?

There’s a lot of goodness packed into these devices.

Gocator All-In-One 3D Smart Sensor

The Swiss Army Knife For Quality Control

We use Gocator 3D smart sensors as our core techology infrastructure. These compact devices are a powerhouse with all-in-one capabilities. They are highly effective and reliable when it comes to metrology-grade inspection.

What Makes a 3D Smart Sensor ‘Smart’?

With a slim built and compact body, a Gocator 3D smart sensor has built-in processing capability. It makes 3D measurement and control decisions (sorting, pass/fail, alerts) all within a single device.

  • Scan


    Volumetric measurement (X, Y, and Z axis) provides shape and position related parameters

  • Measure


    Provides repeatable and metrology-grade accuracy you can trust to make decisions

  • Control


    Make decisions (go/no go) in order to trigger an action

Why Implement 3D Smart Sensors Into Your Facility?



  • Inspect it fast
  • Every Product Gets Inspected

    Every Product Gets Inspected

    No random spot checks here. 100% of the parts are inspected according to your specifications.

  • Automated to Work Inline

    Automated to Work Inline

    Scan, measure, and make decision at fast production speed to inspect any moving target.

Gocator high speed 3D profile sensor
Metron RMS Software

Inspection Simplified, Intelligence Amplified.

Metron RMS software enhances the Gocator 3D smart sensor with Part to CAD inspection, taking automated inline inspection to the next level.



  • Verify it correctly the first time
  • Repeatable and Accurate

    Repeatable and Accurate

    You need the most accurate measurement data in order to make the best decisions. Gocator 3D smart sensors deployed for inline inspection provide both repeatable and accurate results proven to be effective for quality control and process monitoring.

  • 3D Machine Vision Advantage

    3D Machine Vision Advantage

    Automated 3D inspection empowers you to analyze surfaces in ways that are not capable of using human senses or by other inspection means (i.e. 2D machine vision solutions does not capture depth information). 3D machine vision can spot manufacturing imperfections with high accuracy.



  • Easy to implement and use
  • Simple Setup

    Web-based GUI Makes Set Up Easy

    With a powerful, web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI), set up using any web browser without the use of an external PC or controllers to access and control the Gocator. Drag and drop functionality allows you to easily implement the Gocator to work within your existing control system. Multi-language support.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    Scalability and Flexibility

    We can create a custom solution that’s right for your operations. Implement one or more solutions. We can help you expand your inspection system as your operation scales and grows.


Factory Ready

  • Industrial quality built for long life and continuous operation
  • Small Footprint

    Small Footprint

    Embed into tight spaces on the factory floor discretely without hindering your current operations.

  • Factory Pre-Calibrated

    Factory Pre-Calibrated

    Ready to work right out of the box to easily integrate with your current systems.

  • IP67 Rated
    IP67 Rated
  • Solid Aluminum Body
    Solid Aluminum Body
  • Dust Proof
    Dust Proof
  • Water Resistant
    Water Resistant
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Don’t Know Where To Start?

At Metron3D, we’re here every step of the way from planning, setup, and maintenance to help you get up and running. Whether you need one or multiple 3D inspection devices for your operation, we can help you with the process.

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Great Partnership

Metron3D engineering expertise in the USA + Gocator 3D smart sensors are manufactured in Canada