Inspection Simplified,
Intelligence Amplified.

Meet the power duo Metron RMS Software + Gocator 3D Smart Sensor. This plug-and-play solution for automated in-line inspection is about to make your job easier.

The Challenge

The Challenge

How can you be confident that 100% of the parts coming off the assembly line are manufactured to specifications without spending a lot of time, money, and effort setting up a complicated inspection system?

Gocator used on belt
  • Gocator All in one solution
    Gocator (Hardware)
  • Metron RMS
    Metron RMS (Software)

Complete Automated Inline Inspection Solution

Metron RMS software supercharges the Gocator 3D smart sensor to conduct complex measurement routines and provide extensive data. Quickly detect production issues and make better decisions right on the production floor.

Part to CAD Inspection Solution

The Solution

Ditch the complexity. This Part to CAD Inspection Solution makes setting up measurements and running inspection routines a breeze. Conduct quality control in real-time at production speed to maximum efficiency and product consistency.

100% of the Good Are Verified

Say goodbye to random or manual spot checks. With this automation setup, every part is inspected.

Automated Quality Inspection Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Metron3D RMS simplifies the process of 3D scanning, measurement, and control.

  • Part to CAD Inspection

    Part to CAD Inspection

    Metron RMS software compares the manufactured part directly to the CAD model, ensuring every part is measured against the gold standard.

  • Get Clarity

    Get Clarity

    Metron RMS gives you an in-depth assessment of the entire part. Set up simple measurements or more advanced GD&T.

  • Flexible Solution

    Flexible Solution

    This solution caters to a wide range of users, from those seeking simple inspection workflow to advanced users wanting more control.

  • Get The Job Done In Less Time

    Get The Job Done In Less Time

    Get a reliable and robust solution without the complexity. Focus more time on what is important in your work.

  • Turnkey Solution

    Turnkey Solution

    This inspection solution was designed to seamlessly integrate into any type of factory setting.

  • Touchscreen Compatibility

    Touchscreen Compatibility

    Press of a few buttons to make quick adjustments on the assembly line.

How It Works

Whether you’re performing basic inspections or requiring more complex measurements, all the tools are available in Metron RMS Software.

Import CAD

Import the CAD file and use it as the benchmark for comparing manufactured parts.

Scan, Measure, and Inspect

Start right away with Quick Inspect. Gocator scans the manufactured part. Metron RMS then measures, compares, and verifies the part against the CAD at production speed. Metron RMS allows you to set more complex measurements for advanced inspection (optional).

Control and Reporting

Metron RMS works seamlessly with your systems to execute controlled decisions (sorting, pass/fail, alerts) or consolidate data for reporting patterns and trends.

Have More Control Over Your Inspection Process

If you are looking for greater control and customization, Metron RMS software harnesses the power of CAD to provide additional features such as rapid GD&T, datum-based alignment, and advanced measurements.

Metron RMS can perform the following measurements, and more:

  • Circles
  • Cylinders
  • Planes
  • Angles
  • Distance
  • Parallel/Concentricity
    Parallel / Concentricity
  • Flatness/Cylindricity
    Flatness / Cylindricity
  • 3D Surface Analysis
    3D Surface Analysis
  • True Position
    True Position
  • 3D Comparison Points
    3D Comparison Points
  • Hole Pattern Diameter
    Hole Pattern Diameter
  • Radius

Why Is It Better to Inspect with CAD?

High repeatability and accuracy
  • High Repeatability and Accuracy

    Part to CAD inspection provides the highest degree of quality assurance and achieve accuracy at a submicron level.

  • In-Depth Analysis

    When the good is scanned and then superimposed onto the CAD model in real-time during production, it can detect deviations across all areas of the product.

  • Inspect Complex Geometries

    Ability to inspect goods with complex shapes or geometries that may be challenging to measure accurately using other methods.

  • Efficiency

    Evaluate 100% of the products right when the products are manufactured, rather than taking extra step of inspecting them after production.

What Can You Do With Metron RMS?

Metron RMS enhances the Gocator 3D smart sensor with additional capabilities to take automated in-line inspection to the next level.

Part to CAD Inspection with Gocators

For the first time, Metron RMS introduces groundbreaking CAD-based inspection with Gocator 3D smart sensors, enabling rapid comparison of scan data to CAD models for superior quality control.

Use DxF File for 3D Inspection

Metron RMS auto-converts DxF files for use in automated inline inspection.

Global Defect Detection

This capability automatically recognizes a pattern in defects, provides alerts, or initiates controlled decisions.

Compatibility with Gocator 3D Smart Sensors

Metron RMS is compatible with the following Gocators for automated inline inspection.
Runs out of the box. Simple to set up to get the job done.

Gocator high speed 3D profile sensor

Gocator Line Profile Sensors

Gocator line profile sensors use a projected laser line to perform high-resolution scanning, measurement, and control for automated quality inspection.

Gocator 2490
Gocator 2490
Gocator 2150
Gocator 2150
Gocator 2520
Gocator 2520
  Essential Plus Elite
Gocator Model Gocator 2490 Gocator 2150 Gocator 2520
Software Metron RMS Metron RMS Metron RMS
Repeatability 12µm 2µm 0.4µm
Field of View (X, Y) (mm) 390 – 2000 158 – 365 25.0 – 32.5 (diffuse)
Measurement Range (Z) 1525mm 400mm 25mm
Clearance Distance 350mm 300mm 47.5mm

Gocator high speed 3D snapshot sensor

Gocator Snapshot Sensors

Gocator Stereo Snapshot Sensors generate 3D point clouds with a single scan trigger.

Gocator 3210
Gocator 3210
Gocator 3520
Gocator 3250
  Essential Plus
Gocator Model Gocator 3210 Gocator 3250
Software Metron RMS Metron RMS
Repeatability 4.7µm 4.6µm
Field of View (X, Y) (mm) 71.0 x 98.0 – 100.0 x 154 179 x 115 – 282 x 175
Measurement Range (Z) 110mm 150mm
Clearance Distance 165mm 203mm
Gocator All-In-One 3D Smart Sensor

Why Use Gocator 3D Smart Sensors?

Because they are the Swiss army knife for automated in-line inspection.

Part Manufacturing Inspection Applications

Metron RMS software, together with Gocator 3D smart sensors, guarantees every single part adheres to manufacturing tolerances on the production line.

Stamping inspection

Stamping Inspection

Verify finished components are properly stamped from sheet metal.

  • Deformation
  • Bend irregularities
  • Tooling wear
  • Part Defects
Machining inspection

Machining Inspection

Verify CNC machined parts.

  • Dimensional Tolerancing
  • Tooling Wear
  • Part Defects
  • Burr Detection
Molding inspection

Molding Inspection

Verify injection molded parts for correct formation.

  • Deformation
  • Injection Irregularities
  • Tooling Wear
  • Part Defects
Casting inspection

Casting Inspection

Verify injection molded parts for correct formation.

  • Deformation
  • Casting Irregularities
  • Form Wear
  • Part Defects

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