Reimagine the way you inspect materials, components, and finished goods with the help of smart 3D imaging technology.

It’s a lot simpler to implement than you think. We’re here to help.

The Manufacturing Challenge

The Challenge

Tight production schedules. Pressing deadlines to meet production quota. The pressure to produce high quality products without defects.

What’s the best way to make sure that every product is manufactured correctly without slowing down production?

Gocator All in one solution

The Solution

There are so many machines, processes, and assemblies that affect the finished product. At Metron3D, we leverage the power of the Gocator all-in-one 3D smart sensors together with our engineering expertise to build a robust quality inspection solution for your operations. Our systems have the ability to inspect 100% of the items coming down the production line at various stages of the manufacturing process—running at production speed, fully automated.

Automated Smart 3D Inspection Solutions We Offer


Pre-Production Inspection

  • Material optimization
  • Automate the breakdown of raw materials into smaller parts
  • Save money by reducing waste
  • No more guesswork and eliminate errors
  • Identify issues early in the process
  • Source better raw materials

Inbound Material Quality Check

Your output is only as good as your input. Before even beginning the manufacturing process, raw materials need to be inspected to ensure they meet specifications—free from structural and/or surface defects.

Our quality control solutions can also aid in material optimization to help you automate the portioning of raw materials.

  • Food: Help make accurate slicing, portioning, sorting, and sizing decisions.
  • Metals: Optimize how metal is removed to “square up” blocks with minimal metal loss (a process known as scalping).
  • Textiles: Determine optimal trimlines.
  • Wood: Logs and boards are analyzed to determine wood grade and optimal cutting patterns.


If the raw materials don’t meet your specifications, talking to your supplier can help source better quality raw materials to eliminate waste and save money. You can also detect material issues at the exact moment they occur in the process. This empowers you to correct the problem quickly instead of wondering what happened when the finished goods reach the end of the line, or the problem can even go undetected.

In addition, by utilizing and dividing raw materials in the most effective way, you can get the most value out of your resources to maximize output while minimizing waste.

  • Material Trimming Inspection

    To make optimal trimming decisions, Gocators scan the carpet edges by calculating where and how much excess material to remove. The result: correct aesthetic and minimal waste on both edges.

  • Meat Portioning Optimization

    Optimizing the size and number of slices extracted, Gocator sensors scan both sides of a piece of meat (through a gap in the conveyor belt) to determine the total volume and density information.

Metron RMS Software

Inspection Simplified, Intelligence Amplified.

Metron RMS software enhances the Gocator 3D smart sensor with Part to CAD inspection, taking automated inline inspection to the next level.


Inline Inspection

  • See the big picture
  • Verify every single item in production is within specifications
  • Identifying problems before they become a bigger issue
  • Fix the source of the issue to minimize downtime
  • Efficient at inspecting parts

Checkpoints at Critical Areas the Process

There are many components that go into making a finished product. Several checkpoints can be set along the production line to ensure the quality of each component before they go into final assembly. With automated quality control systems, a part should pass inspection (make go/no go decisions) at these gateways and immediately provide feedback or trigger an action. The 3D smart sensors we use can inspect moving targets with low latency. All the measurement and control tools are contained inside each Gocator.


Our 3D scanning solutions provide immediate feedback. See the big picture and identify trends in defects that are caused by your tooling and processes. Pinpoint the source of the problem at each checkpoint so you can take corrective actions as soon as they occur to keep minimal disruptions.

  • Part Inspection

    Verify parts if they conform to the correct shapes, geometric features, and more.

  • Component Assembly Inspection

    Verify parts if they conform to the correct adhesion, fastening, or gap and flush.

Why Metron3D?

Don’t Know Where To Start?

At Metron3D, we’re here every step of the way from planning, setup, and maintenance to help you get up and running. Whether you need one or multiple 3D inspection devices for your operation, we can help you with the process.


Pre-Shipment Inspection

  • Highest quality goods produced
  • No spoilage
  • Peace of mind
  • Product quality gives customers the satisfaction
  • Get it right the first time to avoid returns and customer dissatisfaction

Verifying the Finished Product and Packaging

To ensure the highest quality of products going out the door, a final QC inspection is performed on the finished product. This stage includes verifying products are properly filled (i.e. correct volume of items in containers or boxes) as well as the packaging and sealing before they come out of production and ready for shipment.


Have the confidence that your finished goods are manufactured within specifications to satisfy your customers and exceed their expectations.

  • Finishing Inspection

    This stage is the final check on the detailing of a product. For example, a tire is inspected for bulges, runout, and groove geometry.

  • Packaging Inspection

    This stage is to verify correct sealing and filling. Faulty surface is easily detected and tagged for removal downstream. Correctly sealed yogurt cup with a flat surface receives a PASS decision.