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AESUB line of 3D scanning spray was developed and approved by 3D scanning experts for scanning challenging surfaces.

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3D Scanning Spray

Revolutionary 3D Scanning Spray

AESUB line of 3D scanning spray is specially formulated for scanning challenging surfaces (reflective, clear, dark, and difficult to reach pitted areas). The sprays coat surfaces with a thin and uniform layer, leaving a clean and smooth application—with no clumps left behind.

Get your 3D scanning done quicker with the best results.

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AESUB Blue vanishing spray coating will disappear within a few hours after spraying depending on temperature and environment. After using the AESUB White permanent spray, you will have to clean up the coating once your 3D scanning job is completed.


Vanishing 3D scanning spray

No cleaning required
  • Scan, spray, done
  • Disappears without a trace
  • Free of pigments
  • Residue-free sublimation


Permanent 3D scanning spray

Requires cleaning
  • Free of titanium dioxide particles
  • Excellent scannability
  • High efficiency

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“AESUB’s response is a spray that gives your target a consistent, non-reflective white coating, enabling the scanner to grab all the details you need. The coating disappears overnight, leaving no sticky mess to clean up – it’s like magic in a can.”

• AESUB Blue is on The D3D 30 List

AESUB Blue Vanishing Spray in Action

Ideal for Challenging Surfaces

with and without spray

Transparent Surfaces

Optical measurement devices have challenges scanning clear objects as light goes through the surface or light bounces. By using AESUB 3D scanning spray, it creates a matte, even finishing that eliminates the issue to create the perfect scanning condition.

Recommended Solutions
  • AESUB Blue
  • AESUB White

Delicate Surfaces

There are some situations where you can’t clean a part because it’s too fragile to clean off the 3D scanning spray. This can include expensive museum artifacts or objects created with modeling clay. AESUB Blue vanishing spray uses a special, evaporating formula that requires no cleaning, won’t stain your surfaces, or affect your product.

Recommended Solution
  • AESUB Blue
reflective surfaces

Reflective Surfaces

Shiny, reflective surfaces such as metallic parts and jewelry are difficult to scan because optical 3D scanners uses projection light which scatters and bounces in uncontrollable directions.

AESUB 3D scanning sprays is also ideal for quality inspection directly in your production facility or in other sensitive areas such as scan boxes without the risk of pigment contamination.

Recommended Solutions
  • AESUB Blue
  • AESUB White
dark surfaces

Dark Surfaces

Without any preparation, dark surfaces absorb light. This makes it challenging for a 3D scanner to capture 3D images. AESUB provides a uniform white coating on top of these surfaces to give you the best scanning results.

Recommended Solutions
  • AESUB Blue
  • AESUB White
scan data with and without spray

Pitted Surfaces

Small mechanical components such as tiny gears often have holes and crevices that would be difficult to scan without part preparation. Spraying AESUB 3D scanning spray before 3D scanning makes it much easier and faster to scan these types of parts.

  • AESUB Blue (For tiny parts difficult to clean)
  • AESUB White

Free of Titanium Dioxide

spray without titanium dioxide

Health is very important factor for the AESUB team. That’s why AESUB 3D scanning sprays are less toxic compared to similar products in the market. All our AESUB products are free of harmful titanium dioxide. AESUB Blue is pigment-free while AESUB White is free of titanium dioxide nano particles (TiO2).

Vanishing Spray
Vanishing Spray
AESUB 3D scanning sprays are made in Germany